Song Teaching: “Absent From Flesh”

Learn the newest song we’re singing

Beginning in October, Redemption Christian Church will be singing a new song together called “Absent From Flesh,” originally performed by Jamie Barnes and Sojourn Music and written by Jamie Barnes (adapted from text by Issac Watts).

Verse 1
Absent from flesh O blissful thought
What joy this moment brings
Freed from the blame my sin has brought
From pain and death and its sting

Verse 2
Absent from flesh O glorious day
In one triumphant stroke
My reckoning paid my charges dropped
And the bonds round my hands are broke

I go where God and glory shine
To one eternal day
And this failing body I now resign
For the angels point my way
For the angels point my way

Verse 3
Absent from flesh then rise my soul
Where feet nor wings could climb
Beyond the sky where planets roll
And beyond all keep of time

Take a look at the above video to see Redemption worship ministers Caleb Spencer and Daniel Ross leading this song acoustically. Watch several times to get the song planted in your head so we can sing it loudly together beginning in October.

CCLI Song # 5918890. Jamie Barnes. © 2011 Sojourn Community Church. For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved. CCLI License # 2226886.