Changes to CCJ Music

bandWhether you know it or not, there are currently three separate bands that lead music worship at CCJ.

These bands are: Narrow Path, At One, and Alyssa + The Trio.

However, starting June 1, there will be some changes to the bands that serve CCJ during worship services. While these changes may be subtle or unnoticeable to some, they are, quite possibly, some of the biggest changes we’ve made to CCJ Music in years.

Starting June 1, the bands serving CCJ will be At One, The Reprise, and We Come Alive. Some of these bands will have nearly all familiar faces, others will have new faces. CCJ Music and Communications Minister Daniel Ross will lead all bands.

However, the biggest shift is the ending of long-time CCJ band Narrow Path leading music worship at CCJ on a regular basis.

The band will transition into a special-events and recording band but won’t be seen much on stage at CCJ going forward. It’s not officially the end of the band, but it is a definite transition. However, some of Narrow Path’s members will be in The Reprise and some in We Come Alive.

AT ONE will remain Gregg Keiffner, Mike Crockett, Tyler Galloway, Chris Bolin, Kyle Street, and Daniel Ross.

THE REPRISE will consist of Shelby Randall, Phil Schwenk, Mike Weisensteiner, Alyssa Antley, Angie Day, and Daniel Ross.

WE COME ALIVE will consist of Andrew Kieffner, Ethan Lubbhusen, Sarah Heinz, Chealsey Patton, and Daniel Ross.

We are excited about the upcoming changes, but are also reflective about the ways Narrow Path and all its present and past members (Angie, Tina, Daniel, Mike, Kurt, Bethany, Andrew, Drew, Chris, Phil, Kara, and Chealsey) have contributed to music worship at CCJ over the past decade.

Ultimately, no matter the name of the band leading, the most important thing to remember is that we are here to worship the name (Jesus) together and our bands are merely leading the way, musically. So, even though each band’s style and sound is unique, the goal is the same — all of us lifting our voices together in praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Baptism Sunday is May 25


We started the year talking about a Do Over and how only Jesus offers us new life. We continued by talking about how all of the Bible points toward Jesus, who offers us salvation through faith in His life, death, and resurrection with our Epic: The Storyline Of God series. Now, we are talking about what it means to follow Jesus in #Follow. The first step in following Jesus in Scripture is always baptism by immersion (what the word baptism means is ‘to immerse’). So, on May 25, at all services, we will hold another Baptism Sunday. This is a great opportunity for new believers in Jesus, and those who have followed for years but have never followed through with a public proclamation of faith through baptism, to be obedient to Jesus’ command to be baptized. It’s the symbol of going from death to life.

If you know ahead of time you’d like to be baptized on this day, please fill out this short form.

[Form id=”18″]

Staffing Changes at CCJ

andryWe are in a bit of transition here at CCJ. As you may know, former CCJ Associate Minister Ryan Heathco was on the preaching team at CCJ and was called to be the Lead Minister at another church.

With that transition, CCJ Youth Minister Drew Thurman has jumped on the preaching team. His overall role and title is changing. Drew’s title is now Family Life & Teaching Minister. In that role, Drew will continue to oversee all of family ministries (birth through high school) as well as be involved in leading and preaching in the Well team ministries. Additionally, Drew will be more involved with the preaching and vision-casting alongside CCJ Senior Minister Darrel Land.

With that change, we are excited to announce we are adding Corey Andry to the youth staff to be our Student Minister. That means, while Drew will still be heavily involved with the teens, Corey will partner with Drew and lead the day-to-day Well Teen Ministry here at CCJ. Corey has an incredible heart and gifts for leading students. Corey and his wife, Lindsey, come by way of Lincoln, Ill., and will be joining us in June.

CCJ On The Radio


CCJ Radio on Jasper High School’s The Scratch Every Sunday Morning

CCJ is happy to partner with Jasper High School’s student-run radio station, The Scratch. Currently, the station is available at (streaming worldwide online). In the coming months, the station will be available city-wide at WJWS-LP 93.7 FM.

Every Sunday morning, CCJ takes to the airwaves from 10 a.m. to Noon (Eastern time). The first hour (10 to 11 a.m.) is a replay of the previous week’s service (music and sermon) and the second hour (11 a.m. to Noon) is a music program featuring music made by Christians and Scripturally-influenced music (whether the artist knows it or not). See the first two playlists to get an idea of what we’re playing.

Tune in if you’re not at the 10 or 11:15 a.m. service. However, it’s another way to let your friends and family hear what CCJ is all about (Hint: It’s Jesus) if they’re skittish about attending worship services with you.

#follow Sermon Series Begins Sunday


Can’t see the video? Click here.


What does it mean to follow Jesus? In this series, we’ll learn following Christ means living in a missional way, living in a relational way, and living in an incarnational way. What do all of these terms mean? Join us for this four-week sermon series and learn all about it. After the series, we’ll have Baptism Sunday on May 25.

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