Redemption Music Auditions

Open auditions for Redemption Music (open to all campuses) are set for Monday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. This round will be held on the Loogootee Campus at 1 Loogootee Plaza (the former Pamida/Shopko building).


We are always looking for Jesus-loving, committed musicians and singers to form Redemption’s next band or be added to the lineup of a current band. If you have a desire to spread the fame of Jesus to, and with the people of Redemption, through music, the information in this packet is for you. DOWNLOAD THE PACKET HERE.


Before auditioning (and included in the above-linked packet), you will learn about what worship is theologically, the purpose of bands at Redemption, and the time and level of commitment it requires to serve in this way. You will also have a chance to learn about specific needs and connect with other interested people to form a band.


If you’ve ever wanted to glorify Jesus through music, we strongly encourage you to understand what it takes and meet the leaders that can help you get involved.


Nervous about auditioning? Read this blog post for tips on how to prepare (from a nearby church).


Please, read the entire (above-linked) PDF, the linked blog post and fill out (completely) the form below. A team of people will be present at the audition to evaluate. Thank you for your interest.



We will be holding auditions on Monday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center at Redemption’s LOOGOOTEE campus – (Directions/Info).



+ Vocals: If you desire to audition to be a vocalist (vocals only, no instruments) please submit a voice recording (i.e.: using Garageband, etc., or voice memo from your phone) of the song of your choice (from the choices listed below). Your demo may be a cappella or include instrumental accompaniment. Please submit your recording no later than Monday, Sept. 11 to DANIEL ROSS. In your email please also include your name, phone number and title of your song. Your voice recording will be reviewed by the Redemption audition panel, after which you will receive an email letting you know whether to attend the live audition on Monday, Sept. 18 or not.


+ Instruments: If you desire to audition to play an instrument at Redemption, there is no need to submit a recording. Simply fill out the form below and attend the auditions on Sept. 18. Note: We value each player’s individual style and tastes and often shape bands based on a player’s God-given tendencies and talents. Do not let the sample audio stand in the way of your creativity or ability to learn the song. Bring your own “voice” to each song, but know the basic structure and arrangement of each song and play to compliment it.


+ Instrumentalist WITH VOCALS: There is no need to submit a recording. Simply fill out the form below and attend the auditions on Sept. 18. Learn vocal melody and harmonies (if applicable/possible) for the same three songs.


DEADLINES: For vocalists only, please have your voice recording sent no later than Sept. 11. All others, please have your form submitted no later than Sept. 11.



Below are the details you need to know if you are interested in auditioning on Sept. 18:

– Childcare is NOT provided.

– You will be expected to know the listed songs from the Redemption Music “catalog” (i.e. the songs we sing at Redemption) and to be ready to sing/play them:


Instruments (+ instruments w/ vocals):
1. Only Hope (chord chart) (audio)
2. Adoption (chord chart) (audio) (Original Version)
Lead Male Vocals:
1. Only Hope (chord chart) (audio)
2. Adoption (chord chart) (audio) (Original Version)
Harmony Female Vocals:
1. Only Hope (chord chart) (audio)
2. Adoption Adoption (chord chart) (audio) (Original Version)
Lead Female Vocals:
1. God With Us (lyrics) (audio) (lyrics) (Original Version)

– To find the music, see the links above. You may bring lyrics/charts with you to the audition (memorization not required for the audition).

If you have any questions please email Daniel Ross.
The Redemption Music Team


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What styles of music do you listen to in your everyday life? Who/what are your musical influences? (Remember: This is important. Don't just say "everything," be specific. There is no judgment on what you like. If you love metal or classical or pop, just say so.)

Why do you want to play/sing at Redemption?