No Kale. No Kumbaya. Just Man Things.

Location: Camp Illiana 
Date: April 21 to 22 (Friday p.m. to Saturday p.m.)
Cost: $45.

Description: Camp outside. Build fires. Roast pigs. Laugh. Compete. Split wood. Test your strength. Tell stories. Make pals. Talk to God. Do life together.


Registration is now closed for this event.



What if I’ve never camped before?

No problem. This trip is all about getting outside your comfort zone, alongside other men. We’re here to challenge you and encourage you, whether you’ve camped for decades or don’t own a tent. When we trade convenience, comfort and security for the great unknown, we’re pretty much guaranteed to grow.

What if I physically can’t camp but want to participate? 

While we’re asking every man physically capable to take part in the camping, we understand there are a few exceptions. We do have accommodations at Camp Illiana for men who physically need them. We will need to see a medical note from your doctor, though. Just kidding … kinda.

What if I don’t know anybody?

Perfect! You’ll make friends in no time. Every man camper will be assigned a unit — a group of other other guys, led by a trip captain. You’ll do everything with your unit: get outfitted, bring food, set up camp, compete and generally solve problems. You are going to be good friends with your unit by the time this trip is over.

What do I need to bring?

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a full list. But the short version is: One duffel bag and one backpack — filled with camping gear. Also, a tent, a chair, dry clothes and food. Plan on storing your phone away for the weekend, too.

How long is it?

From early Friday evening until after dinner on Saturday evening.

What if I have to leave early?

You’re in for the whole deal if you go. The entire event is a communal experience.

What if it rains?
Then we’ll probably get wet.
What if there is inclement weather?
Don’t worry, we have that taken care of with Camp Illiana.
Can I buy a block of tickets for my buddies?

Nope. Each man will have to commit (because that’s what men do) and reserve their own spot. Plus, everybody has to sign the waiver. Do you trust your buddy to sign your life away? (Just saying.)

What is the the age restriction? 

This is all about biblical manhood. Thus, we are asking for it to be for 16 years old and older.

What if I sign up, and then cancel at the last minute?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you cancel, we’ll give your spot to someone else.

What if I want to go, but don’t have the money? 

Don’t let the money hold you back. Contact DREW for more information.