Redemption Christian Church exists to lift up Christ by telling those who don’t know Jesus about Him, encouraging those who are followers of Jesus, training everyone for His service and ministering to those in need.

We believe the best way to accomplish this is by loving God, loving people and changing the world. We are committed to helping everyone know and understand God’s love for each person. We hope you will find a home at Redemption and begin to connect to the family of believers through services each weekend, Community Groups and through serving others in the community.

Our core values reflect our mission. We love God through worship in every part of our lives. We love people through outreach at home and abroad. Finally, we believe discipleship is essential because fully-committed disciples of Jesus change their worlds.





We are all born worshipping. At issue, however, is whether we worship the Creator (God) or the created (anything else). At Redemption, we believe worshipping God— the Creator of all — is the primary purpose of our lives. We seek to worship God (God the Father, the Son — Jesus — and the Holy Spirit)  in everything we do in all parts of our lives. One way we do that is through worship services where we can gather to celebrate God’s mercy toward us. You see, while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ (the God-man) died to pay the penalty for our sins (past, present and future). We believe this is worthy of a set-aside time each week to join one another to learn, remember and celebrate through listening to preaching together, singing together, taking communion together, celebrating baptisms together (read more), and giving to advance God’s mission.




Preaching is God’s method for getting the gospel (the good news) to sinners (which is all of us). Jesus preached during his time on earth, so it is very important to include in our worship services. Sermons at Redemption call sinners to repentance and seek to teach those who are following Jesus about a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. Wondering what sermons at Redemption sound like? You can watch and listen to many sermons here.  >


The Bible repeatedly tells us to sing to the Lord. It mentions psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (as well as new songs). Singing is a natural part of life. We sing about things we are joyful about. We go to concerts to sing along with our favorite bands and other people. As Christians, we have a joy so deep we can’t help but sing often about God’s redemption of us. We sing songs of victory, thanksgiving, repentance, and lament at Redemption. We sing old songs in new ways. We sing new songs. We sing songs written specifically for this gathered body of believers and what God is teaching us in this time and place. Singing at Redemption is a participatory activity. Sometimes accompanied by raised hands, but always with raised voices. The style we utilize is simply to communicate the gospel in a musical language that is most understandable in our time and place. God is a God of diversity so we have diverse sounds in varying bands. Want to hear some of what Redemption music sounds like? Listen to Redemption Music here.


Communion is where we remember the one who gave His life for sinners. Jesus Christ came to give His life as a perfect sacrifice for us. His body was broken and beaten beyond recognition. So we take a piece of bread and remember the physical sacrifice of Jesus. He took our sin on himself. He poured out his blood for our sins. So we take a cup of juice that represents the blood and forgiveness. We take communion each week during our services to reflect the model set in the book of Acts. Our time of communion is for all believers, regardless of church affiliation. However, communion is for believers to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. We ask that non-believers let the emblems pass by them and repent of sin and follow Christ, then take communion with us.


As followers of Christ, our goal should be complete generosity with every part of our lives. That includes our time, talents and treasures. The funds given during the time of giving at Redemption are used to advance God’s kingdom in the time and place where God has placed us. Ministry is not cheap or free and it takes a family committing to the goal together. Giving is an act of worship, saying that God is above and in control of all — even our finances. Giving is also an act of thanksgiving, as we are thankful that God was generous to us through the gift of his son, Jesus. We seek to give joyfully and sacrificially as well as we desire to see God’s kingdom advance to all corners of the world as well as here at home. Give online here (one time or set up recurring giving).






Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples. One of the most important — and often most overlooked — purposes of the church is to disciple people into a closer walk with God. So the goal of Redemption is to help individuals grow beyond who they are into who God wants them to be. We believe fully-committed followers of Jesus can change the world one person at a time.

Through our different types of small groups (community groups, connection groups, care groups) and in involving people in ministry together, we hope to help individuals grow to be completely committed followers of Christ.



Community Groups

Community Groups are the heart of Redemption Christian Church. These groups are the way to avoid getting “lost in the crowd.” They are the place to know others and be known by others. Community Groups are small groups of six to twelve people. Most meet in homes, some meet at Redemption buildings, and some meet elsewhere. All Community Groups meet with the goal of being a place where lives are changed.


Submit a form below if you are interested in being a part of a group.

Discipleship Classes

Learning is essential as we grow in our faith. Redemption believes classes are a good way to help us grow in our knowledge of God as we seek to know more about Him and His grace.

Classes include studies through books of the Bible as well as focused topical studies. Classes also include Starting Point, which is the, well, starting point, for understanding what Redemption is all about. Foundational classes are designed to give believers a solid start in their faith.

Register for classes here.  >

Celebrate Recovery

The purpose of Redemption’s Celebrate Recovery Care Group is to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in lives through the 8 Recovery Principles. This experience allows people to be changed. By working and applying these Biblical principles, people can begin to grow spiritually and become free from addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. Through Celebrate Recovery, participants can discover the personal, loving, and forgiving Higher Power of Jesus Christ — the one and only true Higher Power.

Anyone in need of freedom from the hurt, habits and hang-ups of life is welcome at Celebrate Recovery. Church and community members alike are welcome. Join us in Redemption’s Jasper campus Fellowship Hall (northwest part of building) on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Learn more about Celebrate Recovery here.

Divorce Care

The purpose of Redemption’s Divorce Care is to help those who have been through or are going through a divorce heal and understand their identity in Jesus.

Divorce Care is a 13-week group meeting in the fall and spring.

Register for classes here.  >

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Jesus said to go to the whole world and make disciples. In fact, Jesus came to seek and save the lost and He gave us the task of continuing that ministry. Lost people matter to God so we want to be a church that reaches un-churched and never-churched peoples. We intentionally, aggressively and creatively reach out into this community and around the world.

Redemption creates events, trains our people, and gives our resources heavily to carry out the love of Jesus Christ locally and around the world.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Register for short-term mission trips at our Registration page.



To be on any Redemption mission trip, you must print and fill out this form and follow its directions. DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE


Missions Supported by Redemption

Africa New Life

(Jeremiah and Erin Smith: Rwanda, Africa)


Best 8 Days

(Dan and Karen Smith: Colorado)


Camp Illiana

(Washington, Ind.)


Christ In Youth

(Joplin, Mo.)


Crossroads Missions



Haiti Outreach Ministries

(Leon D’Orleans)


Helping His Hands

(Vincennes, Ind.: Scott Shipman)


Hippo Valley Christian Mission

(Zimbabwe, Africa)


House of Hope

(Redemption-founded Hatian Orphanage)


Kids of the Kingdom

(Jasper, Ind., Public Schools)

Living Hope Ministry

(Phil LaMaster)


Lusofona Outreach

(Portugal: Dan & Robin Been)


North Andhra Coastal Evangelizing Association (NACEA – T.B. Paul)

(Andhra Predesh, India)


North Burma Christian Mission

(The Liebrandts: Columbia, Thailand)


Restoration House Ministries

(Renaissance Christian Church)

Team Expansion

(North Africa)


Team Expansion

(Sheri Lucas: Granada, Spain)


World Renewal International / Entrust

(The Millers: Arab/North African Area)


Young Life

(Jasper, Ind.)